Customer Service

Our commitment to excellence in customer service is what sets us apart. With our dedicated customer service team you can be assured of the quality service you need, including support in the field. We take pride in our customer service support and our highly skilled staff.

Stocked Warehouse

Our warehouse is well stocked with the most popular lighting products, which ensures that we can deliver the fixtures to you quickly and efficiently.

Delivery Fleet/Shipping

We own our own fleet of trucks for timely, quick and professional delivery to job sites within Chicago and surrounding area. For shipments outside of the Midwest, we select the least cost/most reliable options.

Fully Assembled Packages

We assemble all fixture packages (including bulbs) to enable quick and cost-efficient installation at a specific home site.

Project Software

Our fully customized order entry system is designed to track all fixture packages and orders, including upgrades and/or specific units.